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  • Back ProductSodium thiosulfate (baking soda)

      CAS NO.:7772-98-7 Molecular formula: Na2S2O3 · 5H2O Molecular weight: 248.17 Physical and chemical properties: monoclinic crystal, melting point: 40-45 ℃, relative density: 1.729 (17 ℃...

    Potassium sulfite solution

    Potassium sulfite solution

    CAS No: 10117-38-1

    Molecular formula: K2SO3

    Molecular weight: 158.26

    Physical and chemical properties: colorless and odorless transparent liquid, with reducing properties. The solution is weakly alkaline. It is unstable in the air.

    Usage: It can be used as a developing agent for the photosensitive industry or as a protective agent for the fixing solution. It is also used as a reducing agent in the printing and dyeing industry, as a bleaching agent for wool and silk.

    Packing: 270kg plastic drum

    Product specifications:

    Item Index
    Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
    Content (W/W)% 44.5-46.0
    Color (black unit)≤ 40
    Iron ≤% 0.001
    Sulphate ≤% 0.7
    Thiosulfate ≤% 0.006
    Insoluble matter (precipitation of calcium and magnesium) ≤% 0.2
    Insoluble matter ≤% 0.005
    Specific gravity (20℃) 1.436-1.460
    pH(20℃ ) 8.0-10.0
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