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  • Back ProductMagnesium thiosulfate solution

      CAS NO.:10124-53-5 Molecular formula: MgS2O3 Molecular weight: 136.53 Physical and chemical properties: colorless transparent liquid, non-dangerous goods. Usage: Used as analytical reagent...

    Sodium thiosulfate (baking soda)

    CAS NO.:7772-98-7

    Molecular formula: Na2S2O3 · 5H2O

    Molecular weight: 248.17

    Physical and chemical properties: monoclinic crystal, melting point: 40-45 ℃, relative density: 1.729 (17 ℃).

    Uses: Used in industries such as photographic fixing agent, electroplating, leather, reducing agent, bleaching dechlorination agent, sulfur dye, whitening agent, disinfectant and fading agent

    Packing: 25kg, 50kg plastic woven bag packaging, also can be customized according to customer requirements.

    Structural formula:

    Product specifications:

    item Superior product First-class goods
    appearance Colorless or yellowish transparent monoclinic crystals Colorless or yellowish transparent monoclinic crystals
    content≥% 99.00 98.00
    Water insoluble matter≤% 0.01 0.03
    Sulfide≤% 0.002 0.003
    iron≤% 0.002 0.003
    pH(20℃) 6.5~9.5 6.5~9.5
    Aqueous reaction Compliance test Compliance test
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     Potassium sulfite solution CAS No: 10117-38-1 Molecular formula: K2SO3 Molecular weight: 158.26 Physical and chemical properties: colorless and odorless transparent liquid, with reducing p...